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Responsible and sustainable

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In our effort for continuous improvement, we acquire a firm commitment and a firm commitment to sustainable tourism through the implementation of measures that lead to a rational use of resources, we apply the three R's of ecology:

· Reduction in the use of toxic products and polluting chemicals in cleaning.
· Certified electricity bill from 100% renewable sources.
· Change of oil heating and air conditioning with heat pumps.
· Calculation of the carbon footprint.
· Application of ecological paints and lacquers , certified with the European Ecological Label.
· Water saving with flow-reducing filters and aerators in showers and taps and taps in cold position by default.
· Eco-efficient WC cisterns with lower flow and double flush system.
· Ecological amenities and elimination of single-dose plastics with refillable dispensers in bathrooms.
· Free refillable glass water bottle in the Cafeteria fountain so as not to use PET plastic bottles.
· Use of ecological air fresheners with natural fragrance.
· Use of 100% recycled paper .
· Reduction of plastics in rooms and buffets as much as possible.
· Correct waste separation and management.
· Free bicycle service to promote sustainable mobility with a zero footprint in the environment.
· Posters to raise awareness of the correct use of towels.
· Ecofriendly experiences to get to know the environment in a sustainable way.
· We recover and value old furniture and wood with the past.
· Members of the Galicia Sostable program to promote sustainable and respectful tourism.
· Hotel Ecofriendly Travelmyth Seal.
· Support for sports and local festivals. Collaborating with the Raxó soccer team, Poio Tennis League and Raxó Fiestas.
· Promote local traditional culture .

In progress:

· Improvement of insulation with rock wool and ventilated façade.
· Change to efficient double-glazed windows .

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