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Perfect plan with children: Grobit village

Gran Proa 27/08/2022

The Hobbits, those characters from the literary and cinematographic sagas of "The Lord of the Rings" to which the British writer JRR Tolkien gives life. They have gone to live on the Island of A Toxa , where a small playground is located, ideal for having a good time with the children in O Grove, the Village of Grobits .

The Grobits Village is a small and original playground that recreates Hobbiton , the home of the Hobbits, with its semi-buried miniature houses covered by the nature of the area.

It also has swings, up and down, benches, a magical well and more attractions, created with wood as the main material, that will dazzle the little ones in the family. Your visit is free, and you can visit at any time.

Once you arrive, the first thing you come across is an explanatory poster with the history of the Grobits : “The Grobits are beings that live in the depths of the thermal waters of A Illa da Toxa and come out into the air — it is not quite clear what days— going up from the thermal crevices to connect with the well that you will be able to see in the village. The earth in the well turns to water when they emerge , and turns back to black earth and plants the moment they step on the forest floor. They wander among the centuries-old pines, going up and down like squirrels and, when they are tired, they open the doors of the houses that you see, to enter to regain strength. It's useless knocking on the door. They are never open, unless they want to go outside or intend to return to the depths of the thermal faults below this island. Have a lucky day and get to see some! This is like the lottery, there are thousands who play, but there is always someone who gets it! "

The Grobits, which in case you hadn't noticed yet, the name comes from the fusion between O Grove and the Hobbits , they have their own legend. Many years ago they lived among us, but when human beings became possessive, the Grobits decided to move away and settle in the Central Mount of the Illa da Toxa , to live underground and to come to the surface only through the well that is there. . Adults cannot see them but, on the other hand, children are able to feel their presence .

Here we leave you the location of « how to get to the Aldea de los Grobits Children's Park » .

Source: SienteGalicia



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